Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holiday Weekend

The Doctor's back! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I have never watched any incarnation of Dr. Who, but I've been hearing more and more about it lately and I'm getting curious.

There's a really good podcast I've been listening to called "Sex and Other Human Activities" with comedian Sara Benincasa and Marcus Parks. Marcus is a fan of the doctor. She wasn't, but she admitted watching one episode involving a suicidal Vincent Van Gogh that made her cry and completely lose her shit. Now she's hooked on the show as well.

I'm not even keeping up on the shows I'm already recording, so I dunno if I'm gonna get around to The Doctor, but for the first time I'm intrigued. I never knew what it was about. They just travel through time and hang out?

Twinky P* said...

OMG, the Van Gogh episode is going to be up there with Buffy's The Body or Hush. If you see only one episode, that's be the one I recommend as stand alone.

Of course, knowing that the Doctor has a time machine and his race was killed out in the time wars and he is the last Time Lord left. Uh.

Yeah, they travel thru time and shit, and have neat adventures. Mostly aliens, but mostly centered around Earth, as well. Much more personality based than earlier versions. I'm glad. After all these years, someone's gotta have a breakdown at some point, right? Good actors, good clean fun, a hopeful, but not naive, look at humans, and some cool accents. Way more fun than The Tudors, I must say.

But the Van Gogh ep. Sigh. As an artist yourself, TBud, it'll rip your soul in shiny little ribbons, and you'll be glad of it. Such a delightful story. Okay, I'll shut up now..

Anonymous said...

I did watch that episode on YouTube after they described it on the podcast, both of them crying. It was very moving and tragic. Such a beautiful scene at the museum at the end w/ Bill Nighy as the curator.

I've been told season 5 is the one to start with. I'm adding it to my list of shows I'm gonna get caught up on someday, along with Mad Men and BSG.

Quite a moment last night. Suspense, victory, a moment everyone will remember where they were. Kinda wish the talking heads hadn't blown the lead, and Twitter was on fire. I got a HuffPo alert on my phone that POTUS was going to address the nation, so I turned on msnbc and watched the whole thing develop.

I'm not one for jumping around in a crowd, wagging flags and chanting USA, but I am glad and I hope it brings some closure to the families of the 9/11 victims.

And they can skip the 2012 general election. C'mon. Somebody on twitter last night said Obama should walk out, pick up the mic, and say, "BOOM. How do you like now, BITCH?", drop the mic on the floor and walk away.

And then 50 jokes about how The Donald will now demand to see OBL's death certificate. #deathers

Michael said...

The flag waving "USA" chanting crowds were pretty gross.

Glad I slept through it and didn't find out til Monday morn.

Someone quoted at the WTC site saying, "You could almost hear 3000 ghosts cheer".

Probably more like, "We're still dead and a lot of others too".

Twinky P* said...

Yeah, we sure love us some death, don't we? It's symbolic, of course, and the revenge killings will be coming. But I sure like how the usurper did the job their princeling couldn't manage to complete. Especially after putting the last shovelful of dirt over Trump's ambitions on Saturday. Strategically, let's hope our last reason for Afghanistan is now dead, and we can leave. (ha)

Anonymous said...

I'm not one for cheering death either, but I admit to feeling a vague sense of closure this morning. I thought people at work would be a little more cheerful. I wasn't prepared for the reaction I got from the haters.

"Yeah, big deal. Didn't we already kill him once before? It's not like somebody else won't take his place. There are so many of them!"

Fuckin' hell. What's the president gotta do to get some respect? Maybe if he had pulled Jesus riding a unicorn out of his ass while making the announcement.

Meanwhile I fully realize if Bush had gotten this done, these same people would be lining up to fellate Dubya. But the colored guy does it and it's "Meh".


My wife was surprised they gave OBN a burial at sea. She said Obama should've packed him in ice and kept him in the White House basement so Obama could go down there every now and then and yell, "BOOYAH, BITCH!!"

That made me laugh.

Twinky P* said...

Nah, it's best there's no trial - shit, they couldn't get funding to try the gitmo kids in the US, for fear of...dunno what. Plus, no shrine for OBL's followers. Apparently, the US ask Saudi if they wanted his remains, and they said yawn. The haters gonna hate, and it's not about anything they can't change their minds about mid sentence.

Anonymous said...

You're right. I should ignore them. It's just sad. I think this maybe brought some closure to the families, and they can't not shit all over it. Can we -- Jesus H. Christ -- can we have ONE DAY to say good job, glad he's gone?

These are the same people who stick GOD BLESS THE TROOPS shit on their minivans and they can't appreciate this for one day?

And the conspiracy theories are already out there. It's not his body, why so quick to dump the body, etc.

Fox News is reporting "evidence" that it was "enhanced interrogation" that got his done and therefor "vindicates" Bush and Cheney.

Even if that's true, VINDICATES?!? They're not in the Haague. They walked away from it and defend it on the air and in their ghost-written memoirs. They need vindication?

Obviously, it's heir way of trying to steal credit. Then they'll cheer.

Clearly I need to appreciate the moment and avoid the people. I was just hoping we'd feel a little of that post 9/11 One Love vibe. I remember that. I woke up with that. It's gone now.

Twinky P* said...

People are having fun watching the right wingers try to say "good!" without mentioning Obama. The contortions Fox Comedy Net are doing to give the invisible Bush credit even after he publicly shut down the hunt for OBL in '07 is hilarious. Trump should be thanking Obama; it could have been a week of laughing at the dead ferret on his skull, and now it's back to bashing Obama for still being alive while their favorite bogeyman OBL is dead. But just like the birth certificate; Obama can let 'em stick their fingers in OBL's maggot encrusted eye sockets, and the haterz will say it's a hoax. So fuck 'em. There's closure for those who need it, and another football coated in crazy for the assholes to run with. Same old same old.

Twinky P* said...

BTW, "vindicates" is the word used in the Heritage's official wingnut talking point. Within seconds of the blast fax from Heritage, no less than 3 wingnut talking heads were saying the exact same phrase. And we're the sheeple.


Seven of Six said...

Happy Mother's Day Twink!

Bill Maher tore it up on "New Rules" Friday night. I think it was posted on DKos. Got to see the video though so you don't miss the nuance. He's Obama's biggest fan now.

Get the price of gas down and more JOBS; Obama will be a shoo in for his second term.

All good on the SOS front, wife is getting her health back slowly.

Twinky P* said...

Thanks, SoS, so glad to hear the wife is better. Hopefully, that'll take some of the pressure off. Take care of yourself, too, while you're playing nurse! Hugs all around, big guy.