Thursday, December 17, 2009



Seven of Six said...

MV, Check your link... I'm not getting a photo. :)

Krugman has weighed in on the health care battle. So this bill would be the first sign of progress... then readjust it later? How the fuck is that going to happen with repukes (lets not forget the real enemy to America) always voting NO! 5 years - 10 years down the line... I realize it will help many, in the mean time it will kill others with mandatory health care at set insurance prices... all the while big pharma and health care industry is getting gub-lmint subsidies? Some fucking deal for another 10 years.

I'm with Ken... force the entrenched politicians out (love the baby seal innuendo, but I'm just that sick twisted kinda guy).

snark said...

Link works for me.

The system is just fucked.

First thing we gotta do is get corporate money out of our politics.

Nothin's gonna really change til then.

If the big money boys wanted to get rid of people like Kucinich they would. He's just not enough of a threat to bother with at the moment.

The Masked Vigilante said...

Hey, Chief! You know what's good for Glaucoma, right? 8)

Fook it, I'm starting the rally all over again. When there are people like DK out there fighting for what the rest of us want, let's get behind them and stop complaining about how the right-of-center guy sold us out.

And now that we've elected a person of color named Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency, I don't wanna hear any more sass about who's "electable" and who's not.

Twinky P* said...

Yeah, read this then tell me who's electable. It won't be anyone who wants real reform, as long as there's money in it. And it's all about the money. I guess my biggest disappointment is that I actually had hope, and now I know that was pretty damn stupid. After the totally amateurish way Obama had Lieberman be his fall guy, as if we were too stupid to notice that he was being praised while liberals and Dean are being told to STFU, it's obvious the little people don't even figure into "reform." This is about saving the corpse of the corps.

The Masked Vigilante said...

Nope, that article doesn't discourage me. I'm ready for the fight. Do I have any hopes that there are others like me? There are some. Not the majority, maybe not even that many, but that's not the point.

I'd rather go down fighting for someone like DK and end up in a McPalin-Bomb-Iran-WW3-Post-Apocalyptic-Road-Warrior-Thunderdome future than vote for the guy who CAN win only to find he's bought and paid for.

We were sick of war and nation building in the middle east. We rallied and voted for Change! and got... war and nation building in the middle east.

But I didn't expect anything different out of Obama.

Yeah, I'll probably end up losing and frustrated, but I'm not ready to give the world over to the sheep just yet.

The last lines from Se7en:

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part.

JeffD said...

Remember when DK won every dem primary debate, hands down?

Someone said the other day we really need an adult in the Senate to take charge of things in a mature fashion.

Oh wait, Teddy's gone.

Twinky P* said...